Program Objective: Sportsmanship, Fellowship & Friendship


The purpose of the Junior Bowling Program of the National Bowling Association, Inc. is to foster and promote the game of Ten Pins among both boys and girls. Membership is open to both USBC certified youth bowlers and non-bowlers.

The TNBA Junior Bowling Program promotes the slogan of the National organization – “Promoter of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship”.  The TNBA Junior program serves as a recruiting agency and point-of-entry for all youth bowlers to receive the guidance and encouragement needed to learn the game and develop the skills that are essential to full enjoyment and successful competition. Such encouragement and training prepares TNBA youth bowlers to compete on equal terms in tournaments and competitions, as well as earn college scholarships.

 To Join our Junior Bowler Program, open to bowlers and non-bowlers, please contact Mr. Terry Lankster at You may also download, complete and mail your application, using the Junior Membership form below.  





Most Improved Bowler: Mark Luzanilla


I want to take a moment to recognize Mark Luzanilla.

Mark is eight years old and has been bowling for three years and during that time he has improved his average by 76. 

Mark has a 123 average; his highest game is a 180. He is a lefty with a 4-step approach. His favorite bowlers are Jason Belmonte and Rhino Page.

Mark’s hobbies:

Bowling, Soccer, video games and reading goosebumps books.

Achievements :


Bowling Tournaments mark has won.

  • 2018 Summer Singles Handicap tournament
  • 2018 Winter Single Handicap tournament
  • 2018 Spring Singles Handicap
  • 2018 Pepsi District Finals
  • 2018 Karl Down’s Double handicap
  • 2019 Pepsi District Finals 


Mark said if he could not be a professional Bowler, then wants to be an astronaut. 

Mark, who inspires you? My mom, because she always tells me to try my best at everything. If I don’t do good the first time, she tells me to try again.  She tells me how important it is to be a good person.

Junior Membership Form



Inland Empire Senate's Junior Team

Junior Team


IES' 2019 Junior Team that competed in TNBA's Junior Western Region Tournament.  This team competed with similar teams from other Wester Region Senates including, Denver, Las Vegas and San Jose.

Western Region Champs


The Western Regions champs came from our Senate!!! Junior bowlers Deelynn Berrie, Tanner Sisk, Raelynn Boswell and Anthony Watson got an all expense paid trip to St. Petersburg, FL to compete in TNBA's National Junior Bowler Rolloff.

Team IES


Although, our team rolled well during the National Rolloff, including Tanner Sisk  with a 241, our team was eliminated by the Central Region team from Chicago 902 to 707.