IES Youth Leadership Council Program

Our Goals

TNBA offers mentoring and leadership training opportunities, through our Junior Council Program at the Senate and National levels. Through this program, junior members are active in their Senates and have the opportunity to apply for a seat on the National Council, as a Delegate. The goal of this program is learning what it takes to manage a successful junior program and TNBA organization. Academic Achievement 

  • The Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Council encourages students to do well in school.
  • Awards are given to our junior bowlers for academic achievement, improvement, citizenship and more!

The National Bowling Association, Inc. (TNBA), founded in 1939, promotes sportsmanship, fellowship, and friendship among its members. All persons, bowlers as well as non-bowlers, ages 4-20, are invited to join.*Over 2,500 youth (nationally), participate in fun and competitive activities of TNBA. Our bowlers compete in both TNBA and USBC youth programs. TNBA offers all junior bowlers the opportunity to participate in handicap and scratch tournaments, at the senate, regional and national levels.The Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Council schedules USBC SMART Tournaments throughout the season. We offer a wealth of benefits and opportunities, to support our junior members.

Junior Program Membership Application

Membership for the current Bowling Season is as follows: September 1st – August 31st

TNBA membership is open to any youth bowler who has not reached his or her 20th birthday as of August 1st of the current season.



Inland Empire Senate Scholarship Award Program - 2017-2018 (pdf)




All bowlers in the Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Program can earn scholarship dollars, this season! We will have multiple SMART Scholarship Tournaments:

  • VIRTUAL Tournaments will be based on your league session score for a specific date at your bowling center.
  • “LIVE” Tournaments will encourage all IES Junior Bowlers throughout the Inland Empire Senate to assemble and bowl at the same center on a specified date and time. New members are welcome to join and bowl.

High School Seniors are encouraged to apply for TNBA’s local (Senate) and National level scholarships

Senate Level Scholarship Opportunities

Inland Empire Senate Scholarship Award Program  

The TNBA Inland Empire Senate annually offers scholarships from the Inland Empire Senate Scholarship Fund (IESSF) with the purpose of assisting students of the Inland Empire Senate with the cost incurred while enrolling into college. 

The number of annual awards and the amount of the awards is based on fund-raising and will be determined by the IESSF Committee and Executive Board of the Inland Empire Senate. 

The IESSF Chair will provide scholarship applications to Inland Empire Senate (IES) members – juniors and parents. If the parent and/or junior are members of more than one TNBA Local Senate, then only one Local Senate Application can be submitted.


1. Eligibility is restricted to graduating high school students whose 1) parent(s) or guardian(s) are members of IES or 2) the student is a member of TNBA-IES's Junior Program. Must be a member of IES for at least two years. 

2. Submission of the following documentation is required; completion of all steps is required

    · Retrieve a copy of the TNBA National OWEN O. WASHINGTON SCHOLARSHIP AWARD PROGRAM Application from 

    · Complete the OWEN O. WASHINGTON SCHOLARSHIP AWARD PROGRAM Application – all sections are required.

    · Make two copies of all submission items, and submit to the Inland Empire Senate’s Scholarship Chairperson by March 31; the contact information is below. 

    · REQUIRED: Submit a signed Inland Empire Senate Scholarship Award Program application, along with your OWEN O. WASHINGTON SCHOLARSHIP AWARD PROGRAM Application

    · Download the REQUIRED Inland Empire Senate Scholarship Award Program application listed above.  

The Inland Empire Senate’s Scholarship Chairperson will evaluate all scholarship packets. All applicants will be considered for the [1] Inland Empire Senate’s Scholarship and [2] the TNBA National OWEN O. WASHINGTON SCHOLARSHIP. Recipients will be announced during July of each year.

Contact Scholarship Chairperson

Jacqueline Downs 

2807 Linde Vista Drive Rialto, CA 92377 

(909) 829-1217 

National Level Scholarship Opportunities

TNBA, Inc. National Scholarship Information:

Bowling Skills - Annual Training Opportunities

At the Senate Level:

The following coaching clinics will be offered to our members during the current season:

  • Learn-to-bowl seminars and lane clinics
  • Understanding lanes rules for league and tournament play

At the National Level:

Joint TNBA/USBC International Training Initiative:  Since 2009, TNBA youth and certified coaches have had the opportunity to train as “Olympians” at the USBC International Training and Research Center.This is an exciting opportunity for you to receive “sponsored” world class bowling training, travel, engage in fellowship with other TNBA youth bowlers from around the country, and make new friends. In addition, you will meet and work with PBA, Team USA and other Certified Bowling experts! Eight junior bowlers are selected across the U.S. Opportunities such as this increase the visibility of our TNBA youth.

Dates and times for this Season’s Clinics will be announced in your bowling center and via email communication.

Additional Information may be found on TNBA's national website  -

Community Service

The Junior Council’s personal challenge is for each junior member to complete at least four (4) hours of community service.Members have until the end of the bowling season (August 1) to submit your Time Log to the Junior Council Director. Awards will be given to those who participate! A good web site to locate volunteer opportunities in your community, based on age and other preferences is: addition, here are some ideas for community service projects you can complete, to earn credit:

  • Help your grandparent for a day
  • Support our military troops
  • Coach for a sport 
  • Help a neighbor with chores
  • Organize and deliver donations for church 
  • Babysit for free 
  • Help a senior citizen 
  • Tutor at church, school or a library 
  • Pick-up litter Read to someone 
  • Support a food drive for charity 
  • Plant a tree 
  • Help advocate social awareness programs: anti- drugs, alcohol, bullying, violence, etc.

The Junior Bowlers' Success Statement

Joy, honor, respect and

Unity will guide and

Nourish my experience

In my TNBA community;

Opening-up my world –

Relating with integrity!

Making a plan and

Executing each step;

My smile’s confident and

Bright, fueled by high

Energy which is focused;

Reaching my goals with

Success in sight!