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IES' 2019 Lottery-On-The-Lottery "Fun"Raiser

IES' March Madness!!!


The Inland Empire Senate is kicking off our third annual "Lottery-on-the-Lottery" Fun-raiser project.   We did this the last two years and everybody enjoyed it.  Many participates were pleasantly surprised to get that check in the mail at the end of the game. Over $4,000 in prize funds and incentives were paid out over the past two years, it’s a great, entertaining way to have fun while raising funds for our various programs.

Game Time Excitement


It's based off of California's evening “Daily 3” lottery drawing for the month of March.  With a $5 donation, you get a 3-digit raffle ticket.  If that ticket number comes up on any given day on  Cali's Daily 3 lottery in the month of March, you win the corresponding dollar amount for that day; it could be $50 or $100.  If your number does not come up, but is one number less than the number that came up, you win $5.  

Close the deal

$100 will be awarded each Wednesday evening for the month of March 2019 and $50 will be awarded the other weekly evening drawings.  In addition,  $5 will be awarded to the number that is one below the daily number.  For more information, contact


Junior Scholarship Doubles Tournament

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2018 President of the Year Award

Terry Cleveland receives TNBA’s 2018 President of the Year Award at TNBA’s 79th Annual Convention in

I would like to personally thank all of you for your loyalty and commitment to The National Bowling Association, Inc.  (TNBA) and the Inland Empire Senate. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to welcome those of you who have been with this growing organization and senate for quite some time, as well as those of you who are new to TNBA and the Inland Empire Senate.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have this senate a success.  I thank each of you for your loyalty and commitment to The National Bowling Association Inc. and the Inland Empire Senate; please know that it is your continued support that will help make the difference as we move forward.

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Thank you again forsupporting TNBA and the Inland empire Senate.