Junior Tournaments

Program Objectives

The purpose of the Junior Bowling Program of the National Bowling Association, Inc. is to foster and promote the game of Ten Pins among both boys and girls. Membership is open to both USBC certified youth bowlers and non-bowlers.

The TNBA Junior Bowling Program promotes the slogan of the National organization – “Promoter of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship”.  The TNBA Junior program serves as a recruiting agency and point-of-entry for all youth bowlers to receive the guidance and encouragement needed to learn the game and develop the skills that are essential to full enjoyment and successful competition. Such encouragement and training prepares TNBA youth bowlers to compete on equal terms in tournaments and competitions, as well as earn college scholarships.

In addition to bowling, TNBA Junior Bowlers are given instructions in the basics of everyday living, such as: a sense of fair play in sports and daily habits, respect for others, leadership, responsibility and honesty.

Membership in the National Bowling Association Junior Bowling Program is open to all children who have not reached their 20th birthday on or before August 2nd of the upcoming bowling season. Once certified under this rule, a TNBA Junior Bowler is an eligible bowler until July 31 unless under suspension.

Individual membership in the National Bowling Association Junior Bowling Program can be obtained only through bowling in a TNBA certified league, or through participation in a TNBA certified event.

Junior Tournaments

Karl Downs' Doubles Handicap Scholarship Tournament


On Sunday morning, August 26, 2018, TNBA Inland Empire Senate (IES) youth and adult members bowled the Annual Karl Downs’ Doubles Handicap Scholarship Tournament at Victor Bowl in Victorville, California. This event is historical to the IES, as it marks the legacy of our current Western Regional Tournament Director, Karl Downs, as being from IES “and” serving the second longest tenure in this role.  

Each pair bowled 3 Singles games, followed by two Baker Double games. Proceeds from the event support winning youth with USBC-SMART scholarship dollars! The event, also, featured a fundraiser to support the youth attending the 2019 TNBA Western Regional Junior Tournament in Denver, Colorado next April.


Congrats to our tournament winners from last Sunday! Youth earned SMART Scholarship dollars as follows:

· Tanner Sisk - w/Parker Brooks (Adult) | 1st | $140.00 | Division ONE | 1660 | Moreno Valley Bowl

· Zack Murray - w/Terry Lankster (Adult) | 1st | $140.00 | Division TWO | 1651 | Empire Bowl

· Matthew Tucker - w/Mark Tucker (Adult) | 1st | $140.00 | Division THREE | 1657 | Empire Bowl

· Daron Cowart, Jr. and Richard Villegas | 2nd | $35.00 each | Division THREE | 1577 | Moreno Valley Bowl & Empire Bowl

· Noelle Rogers-Elmore and Michael Saldana | 1st | $70.00 each | Division FOUR | 1452 | Moreno Valley Bowl

· Emilio Diaz - w/Michael Diaz (Adult) | 2nd | $70.00 | Division FOUR | 1448 | Brunswick Deercreek

· Mark Luzanilla - w/Jesus Luzanilla (Adult) | 1st | $70.00 | Division FIVE | 1209 | Moreno Valley Bowl

The Junior Program would like to thank Victor Bowl, Moreno Valley Bowl, Empire Bowl, Brunswick Fontana Lanes, Brunswick Deercreek Lanes, TNBA Los Angeles Senate, and all of the volunteers, parents and adult bowlers who helped support this event. We are proud of our youth participants for their continued commitment to the sport of bowling, as well as planning ahead to earn scholarship money.

We would like to thank our Youth Volunteer Leaders: Alicia Waddell and Deelynn Berrie, as well as our Inland Empire Senate’s Board members for their support: Terry Cleveland, Jonnetta Chambers, Karl and Jacqueline Downs, Doug and Ruth Woodley, Gail Morris, Rob and Jan McDaniel, Shirley Smith, La Drena Boyd, and Tracy Smith.

Hammer Bowling


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