2018 Election Information

Election Results


Nominations for 2018-2020 IES officers were held on October 20, 2018.

The following offices opend for election were filled by:

o  Terry Cleveland, President

o  Jonnetta Chambers, Vice President

o  Shirley Smith, Secretary

o  Gail Morris, Assistant (Corres.) Secretary

o  Tracy Smith, Treasurer

o  Sargent-At-Arms, Vacant


 Qualification for nominees included attending a National Meeting within the past two years of an election period (President and Vice-President Nominees only), attending a minimum of two-thirds of our general Senate meetings within each election term and being a sanctioned TNBA member for a minimum of 2 years . 

 Attached below is a file containing IES Constitution and Policy & Procedure rules related to our elections.  IES' Constitution Chair can provide the complete text of these documents.

ELECTIONS 2018 (pdf)


IES Membership


To renew your  membership or become a new member, see please contact  a house representative or  IE's Senate Secretary, Shirley Smith.  Membership fee is only $21.

Listed below is a membership application form.  This form may be filled out and presented to anyhouse rep or IES board member.

There are a few reasons for being a member of TNBA.  To begin with, you are eligible for  honor awards.  You must submit your award application promptly.  A member may qualify for the same or lesser award only once a season.  To get your application use one of the applications listed below or see Shirley Smith within 15 days of your achievement.  TNBA awards must be in the national office within 30 days.

If anyone is interested in sanctioning a league please use the League Certification form below or contact Shirley Smith.  To  sanction a league a fee of $5 is required.

Become a Member

You may add your name to our membership roll to help us grow bigger, stronger, and even more effective in promoting opportunity for and protecting the interest of us as bowlers. 

Finally, you can foster Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship and you do not have to be a bowler to be a member.

TNBA Membership Applications (pdf)


League Certification (pdf)


High Score/Achievement Form (pdf)


Low Average Awards (pdf)